Couple massage is a great way to spend time with someone special and share sexy experiences.

Come along with your partner to experience our gentle and arousing caresses all over your body.

Tantric Erotic Massage for couples is  a very relaxed and sensual massage that will help to relieve any stress or anxiety,

it will also recharge and heal your sensual energies, and enhance and develop your relationship.

You will both enjoy the erotic experience of watching your partner having a erotic massage for couples Moscow,

this can be highly arousing and a very sensual awakening experience.

Your partner may also participate with the male tantric massage therapist adding their sensual touch..

We are always happy to listen to what you both would like,

and to help giving suggestions of the kind of erotic massage that you both might enjoy together.

Please feel free to ask us any question or to make some special request.


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